made in italy

About Mauri

The Mauri factory has been making shoes for three generations now, under the guidance of the Mauri family, in the hillside between Milan and Como, Italy. The Mauri shoes are men dress traditional styles made in exotic skins, especially alligator and crocodile. The craftsmanship is high quality, as well as the materials, making for an all around luxury item catered to an exclusive niche. The product has gained popularity over the course of the years, and today it is well recognized within the industry as a distinctive designer shoe brand.
The American import and distribution office opened in 1982, and ever since has been the exclusive channel from the factory to the vast USA market. As a company, Mauri USA participates to trade shows, runs a show-room currently located in the Lower East Side where buyers can come in and see the collection, it holds stock in a warehouse in New Jersey and deals with all the matters of selling and importing the Mauri shoes.
The head-quarters, located 20 Km North of Milan, are open to international buyers and organize selling campaigns in conjuncture with Micam, the bi-annual trade-show in Milan.